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How to Watch Instagram (IG) Live Videos On PC or Computer


If you’re the one who spends the majority of the time using the Instagram app on the phone, then you must have checked the live video feature. And if you prefer to check Instagram feed through the web browser on your PC or Computer, then you won’t find the web version of the app useful, especially in the case of live videos.

It is because the Instagram web version doesn’t allow users to watch live videos. There might be users who want this functionality, right? And if you made up so far, then you’re one out of them.

In case, Google Chrome is your default browser, then fortunately there is a Chrome extension called IG Stories for Instagram available on the web-store that lets users watch Instagram live on Chrome browser on your PC or Computer.

How to Watch Instagram Live Videos in Chrome and Edge (IG Stories)

Here’s how you can set up the IG Stories Instagram Chrome Extension on your PC to watch live videos of the people you follow:

1. First of all, download and install IG Stories for Instagram from the web store.

Since it is possible to install Chrome extension in the Edge browser, it means you can install IG Stories for Instagram on Edge (computer).

2. Once the installation of the extension completes, the icon for the same extension will start appearing in the extension area.

How to Watch Instagram (IG) Live Videos On PC or Computer

3. Next, click on the IG Stories for Instagram icon and select Go to Instagram.com. You will be redirected to the Instagram site, here login to your account using the credentials.

Watch Instagram (IG) Live Videos On PC

You can also visit instagram.com, it’s not mandatory to login to Instagram using Extension icon.

If any of the friends you’re following goes live, it will appear on the upper left side of the page. (Circular Profile picture labeled live) accompanied by the list of people who have recently shared the Story.

Watch Instagram (IG) Live Videos On your Computer

Note – In case, you know that someone is live, but it’s not appearing on the profile, then reload your account and it should appear for sure.

To watch the Instagram live video, you need to click on the user tab; this will open the live stream in New Tab Page showing you a live stream.

watch instagram live videos on browser (PC or Computer)

Apart from that, using the same extension, you also check Instagram stories shared by your friends.

In case, the account is not private, then you can also use it as Instagram downloader chrome to download the Instagram live stream accompanied by the Stories. To download Instagram Live Videos, click on the Go to IG Stories, Select Live Stream

download instagram live videos and stories

Click on the Download button available on the upper left corner.

Note – After going live, if user delete the video instead of sharing it, then you won’t be able to download the Live Streams, but you can try and let us know if you’re lucky.

Additional Features

According to the developer of the extension, you can also watch live videos and stories anonymously. Your name will not appear on the list of the Instagram users viewing the video or story.

Check out this video on YouTube:


IG Stories for Instagram is the only Chrome extension available on the internet using which you can watch an Instagram live stream on the browser of your computer.

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Finding IG Stories for the Instagram extension for Chrome handy? Did you manage to install the same extension on the Edge browser? What are your thoughts about this extension? Let me know in the comments.

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