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WhatsApp is Testing a ‘Search by Date’ Feature in its iOS app


WhatsApp is testing a new feature using which users can perform a search by date. The application already has an in-chat search feature, but it won’t allow users to select messages for a particular date.

WhatsApp is Testing a 'Search by Date' Feature in iOS app

Search by date feature will make it easier for the users to search for sent and received messages by selecting a date. When this feature is available for the user, a new Calendar icon will start appearing on the In-chat search mode bar.

Tap on the Calendar icon and it will show you a date picker, here select the date for which you want to search the messages. Instantly, the feature will take you to the first message of the selected date.

Search by date feature is spotted in WhatsApp for iOS app, but we don’t find any reason it won’t be available in the Android app. It because WhatsApp rolled out the same feature for all platforms.

As of writing this blog post, the feature is under development and there’s is no information when it will be available for the public. It is also possible that the appearance of the feature might change before it is available for the public.

Stay tuned, we will add more information about the feature whenever available.

What are your thoughts about WhatsApp’s new Search by date feature? Are you waiting for this feature? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

Thanks, wabetainfo for sharing the news!

WhatsApp is testing the feature before the release: it’s in an alpha stage of development and unfortunately there isn’t any release date available.

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