How to Use New Customize Menu For Chrome New Tab Page (V2)

    Google finally added the new customize menu for Chrome New tab page? In this post, learn how to do that.

    chrome new customize menu

    Starting with Chrome v78, the company has revamped the New Tab Page Customize option. The refined Customize menu now includes options for the Wallpapers, Shortcuts, and Colors and Themes. From there, you can:

    • Quickly change the theme color in Chrome
    • Change the new page background in Chrome
    • Manage Shortcuts

    The new Customize menu was first introduced in Chrome v74 as an experimental feature and at that time users have to enable the following flags to use it.

    • NTP customization menu version 2
    • Chrome Color menu

    Customize New Tab Page in Chrome

    Starting with Chrome v78, the new Customize menu is enabled with default settings. In case, you want to get access to Chrome’s new Customize menu, then here’s what you need to do:

    How to Use New Customize Menu For Chrome New Tab Page (V2)

    Make sure, you need to be running Chrome v78 or above.

    Next, open the new tab in the Chrome browser.

    Click on the Customize option (Pencil) available on the bottom right corner, the new menu with three entries opens up.

    From there, you can customize the menu according to your requirements.

    Change Background

    From the menu select Background and you will get a list of different categories which includes:

    select from wallpaper from various Google Wallpapers category which includes:

    • Landscapes
    • Texture
    • Life
    • Earth
    • Art
    • Cityscapes
    • Geometric Shapes
    • Solid colors
    • Seascapes

    From there, you can select the background of your choice and then press the Done button. You can also turn on the “Refresh daily” option to change the background daily from the same category.

    change background of chrome new page tab

    Apart from this, the Background section also has the option to set a custom background. For that, select ‘Upload from device‘ option, this will open the browse dialog box. Select the custom background of your choice and click Done.

    Apart from this, you can also select No Background option to set nothing.

    set no backgroud in chrome new tab page

    Manage Shortcuts

    From the menu select Shortcuts, you will get three options which include:

    My Shortcuts – If selected, will show the shortcuts created by you

    Most Visited Sites – If selected, will show you the most visited sites in the Shortcut area.

    Hide Shortcuts – Turn on this option if you want to hide shortcuts from Chrome New Tab Page.

    manage shortcuts in Chrome new tab page

    Now it’s up to you, how you would like to see Shortcuts on the New Tab Page in Chrome browser.

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    Change Color and Theme

    From the menu select “Color and theme” option and you will get various combinations. Select the one which think will look better and click Done.

    These color combinations are of Google’s Official themes for the Chrome browser. It means you can set Chrome’s official theme without downloading it from the Chrome Web Store.

    In case, you didn’t find the right color combination, then you can also click on the “Select color” option (first in the list). A quick color editor will open, here you can select a color combination of your choice and then click OK.

    color and theme chrome

    What are your thoughts about the New Customize menu for New Tab in Chrome? We would like to hear from you.

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