Download Night Running, Background for Windows 10 (Beach Running Dark Version)

    Remember Windows 10 Beach running desktop background? Its dark version called Night Running is available to download.

    Download Night Running, Background for Windows 10 (Beach Running Dark Version)

    Beach Running is one of the default wallpapers of Windows 10 featuring a girl running on a beach with two giant rocks in the water. Night Running, a new version of the popular Windows 10 is now available for download with even dark tones. If you’re using dark theme in Windows 10, then it fits perfect on the desktop.

    In case, you want to download Night Running, then it is available on Wallpaper Hub in different resolution. Use the link below to download it:

    Night Running Wallpaper for Windows 10

    Here on this page, you can download wallpaper for different resolution which includes:

    • Surface go – 1800px X 1200px
    • 1080p – 1920px X 1080px

    What is your default background in Windows 10? Are you using background that comes preinstalled on using the custom background? Feel free to share with us.

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    Thanks, HTnovo for sharing this amazing dark version of Beach Running wallpaper with us.

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