How to Hide or Show Favorite Bar in Edge Chromium

Microsoft Edge Chromium offer option to hide or show Favorite bar on the new tab page. In this blog post, learn how to do it.

How to Hide/Show Favorite Bar in Edge Chromium

Starting with Edge Chromium build 124, there’s an option in a browser that let users hide and how favorite bar. The option is available on both Bookmark context menu and browser settings. The same feature was not available in the Classic Edge browser.

The availability of this feature in the Edge Chromium provides us another reason why to ditch the Classic Edge browser.

Hide or Show Favorites Bar in Microsoft Edge Chromium

With default Settings, the Favorite bar is set to appear on the new tab page, here’s how you can manage it

From Favorite bar context menu

Click on the More (…) icon available on the upper-right side and from the menu select Favorite > Select Favorite bar.

hide favorite bar using Favorite bar context menu

Here, you can select Never to hide it in the browser and select “Only on new tabs,” if you want Favorite bar to appear only when you open a new tab.

From Edge Settings

Click on the More (…) icon available on the upper-right side and select Settings from the menu.

hide favorite bar using Edge Settings

On the left pane, switch to the Appearance tab. Now on the right side, using “Show favorites bar” drop-down either set “Never” or “Only on new tabs.”

Use Keyboard Combination

You can also use CTRL + SHIFT + B keyboard combination to hide the Favorite bar quickly.

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