How to Remove Followers on Instagram Without Blocking Them

    The following blog post will walk you through the steps on how to remove followers on Instagram without blocking them.

    How to Remove Followers on Instagram Without Blocking Them

    From last few months, the Instagram is continuously adding lots of useful features to account management robust for the users. Now, the company has introduced a handy new Remove follower option.

    With the help of this feature, the Instagram users can remove followers secretly without blocking them. The same functionality is available for a private account on Instagram for a while, but now it is available for all the users.

    Previously, the users having public profiles on Instagram has to block friends to unfollow unwanted followers. This is a hard approach – Just because you do not want a few users to follow you doesn’t mean you have to block them

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    How to Remove Followers on Instagram

    In case, you want to remove followers from your Instagram account, here is what you need to do:

    1. Launch the Instagram app on your phone.

    instagram profile icon

    2. Tap on the Profile icon available on the bottom right corner to head over to your profile.

    Instagram followers list

    3. Here tap on the Followers options to find out who is following you.

    instagram remove follower three dots

    4. You will find out three dots icon next to the name of every follower in the list. Head over to the name of the follower you want to remove from your following list, then tap on the three-dot icon.

    remove follower feature instagram

    Remove follower dialog box will open up asking for your confirmation, here tap on the Remove button. That’s it!

    Note: For this tutorial, I have used an Android phone, but the steps are similar for iOS devices.

    The good thing about this feature is that Instagram won’t notify them that they’re removed. I would like to Thanks Instagram for this.

    In case, you don’t see three dots; then there is nothing to worry about. Head over to your app store and check if there is the latest update available for Instagram. If an update is available, then install it and start removing followers from the list.

    This is how to remove followers on Instagram without blocking them. Find this blog post useful? What are your thoughts about this Remove Follower feature? Share it in the comments.

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