Download Windows 11 New Sounds (All-One-Pack)

    Microsoft is all set to release the upcoming version of Windows OS i.e. Windows 11. The event is set for 24 June 2021. Expectedly, Windows 11 build 21996 (Unofficial) has leaked before the official event, and it looks a lot like Windows 10X.

    Download Windows 11 New Sounds (All-One-Pack)

    We managed to install Windows 11 and while testing it we figure out that the company has added a new combination of sounds in Windows 11.

    Note – Before you move forward, we would like to inform you this tutorial is just for Educational purposes only. This Informative tutorial is solely based on an unofficial and leaked copy of Windows 11 (As windows 11 is still not released).

    We Strictly against Piracy and don’t encourage it at any cost, But Being a Windows lover. if you really want to try Windows 11, then Please wait for it to Officially release and try it only with Original Windows 11.

    Windows 11 System Sounds

    The list of sounds includes:

    • Alarms
    • Chime
    • Chords
    • Ding
    • Recyle
    • Notify
    • Ringtones
    • Speech Disambiguation
    • Speech Misrecognition
    • Speech OFF
    • Speech ON
    • Speech Sleep
    • Tada
    • Windows Background
    • Windows Ballon
    • Windows Battery Critical
    • Windows Battery Low
    • Windows Critical Stop
    • Windows Default
    • Windows Ding
    • Windows Error
    • Windows Exclamation
    • Windows Feed Discovered
    • Windows Foreground
    • Windows Hardware Fail
    • Windows Hardware Insert
    • Windows Hardware Remove
    • Windows Information Bar
    • Windows LogOff Sound
    • Windows Logon
    • Windows Menu Command
    • Windows Message Nudge
    • Windows Minimize
    • Windows Navigation Start
    • Windows Notify Calendar
    • Windows Notify Email
    • Windows Notify Messaging
    • Windows Notify System Generics
    • Windows Pop-up blocked
    • Windows Print Complete
    • Windows Proximity Connection
    • Windows Proximity Notification
    • Windows Recycle
    • Windows Restore
    • Windows Ringin
    • Windows Ringout
    • Windows Singout
    • Windows Startup
    • Windows Unlock
    • Windows User Account Contrl

    In case, you want to listen to the new sounds of Windows 11 and want to set it in Windows 10 and earlier versions, then you can use the link added below to download the all-in-one pack. The zip file contains 70 system sounds has a file size of 13.1MB

    Download Windows 11 Sounds

    Apart from that, You can also customize your computer with the new wallpapers of Windows 11.

    Do you like the new sounds of Windows 11? Do you want to set Windows 11 sounds in windows 10? Tell us in the comments below.

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