How to Disable Default Browser Agent in Firefox v75

    The following blog post is about What is Firefox Default Browser Agent and how to disable it?

    How to Disable Default Browser Agent in Firefox v75

    Starting with Firefox v75, the company will run a new scheduled task on Windows called “Default Browser Agent”, its purpose is to gather information about default browser settings in user’s operating system.

    According to Mozilla, the purpose of adding a new Default Browser Agent is to understand changes in default browser settings. The company also shared that the same scheduled task has gone through their data review.

    Once you install Firefox v75, the browser installer will automatically create a new default browser agent and schedule the task to run agent. It will collect the information and send it to Mozilla as background telemetry ping once in a day.

    The information includes Firefox channel name, Windows OS, version number, current default browser, OS_Locale, and earlier default browser.

    Firefox Default Browser Agent in Windows PC at this location: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox

    default browser agent

    Firefox Scheduled Task in Windows PC at this location: Task Scheduler > Task Scheduler Library > Mozilla

    Disable Firefox Default Browser Agent

    If you disable telemetry or data collection or agent preference in Firefox, then browser will not send your data to Mozilla. For doing that, here’s what you need to do:

    In the Firefox New Tab Page, you need to visit about:config and using the search box look for ‘default-browser-agent.enabled‘ and click on the toggle button to change the settings from True to False.

    firefox agent value

    Restart your browser to apply the changes.

    Next, you need to request Mozilla to Delete Telemetry Data in Firefox. For that, go to Menu > Options > Privacy and Security. (about:preferences#privacy)

    Disable - Firefox Data Collection and Use

    Here, scroll down to Firefox Data collection and use section and uncheck each option.

    Next, you need to delete the Scheduled Task for Firefox. Here’s how you can do that:

    Search Task Scheduler app and launch it.

    After that, Task Scheduler Library > Mozilla. Here on the right panel, select Firefox Default Browser Agent task.

    Delete Firefox Default Browser Agent task in task scheduler

    After that, right click and select Disable or Delete.

    You can check out following blog post for step by step instructions:

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    Is this a right move from the Mozilla to introduce a Default Browser Agent? Do you want to disable it? We would like to read your opinion in the comments.

    Thanks, Techdows for the tip.

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